Roswell is a Lebanese Rock band, formed back in 2005, with two albums produced. Their third album Unraveling New Beginnings was recently released, and their single ‘A Lost King in a Haven’ came out this March.

The single is a very much rock ballad kinda song. It starts with a minute long narrative by Greg Marston. Loved the choice from the band, his voice had a Viking-ish that very much suited the lyrics of the song, about a king, his lost queen and a kingdom. The guitar intro is very likable, and smooth, accompanied by Rudy’s violin, then Gaith starts with the vocals. I really enjoyed his voice in the bridge of the song. However, the vocals started too low compared to the music that I had to listen carefully to grab the lyrics. The melody goes too smooth with everything and harmonies gradually. The music is definitely catchy; you’d find yourself humming the chorus along with the violin.

The lyrics are likable, and easy to grasp. Again, they go fluid with everything else, and it suits to be a lullaby.
The video, to be honest, didn’t catch my attention much. According to their YouTube, the video was animated by Mohammad Krayem. It started with a black screen with the narration written on it, and then there is a sky, some birds and some trees. And then there are silhouettes of the characters and objects of the story; the King, the Queen, their Castle and so on. As much as I loved the song and the music, the video didn’t much strike it for me.

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Edited by: Nehal A.Ali