If you hear “Rosey My Zombie Girlfriend,” it will get stuck in your head and you won’t be able to get the melody out. Her music is unusual for your ears because, if you don’t know Jade Moede from New England, he’s a singer who has no boundaries and doesn’t care about the rules of commercial music.

The song tells the story of a girl who becomes a zombie due to being wrong and sets out to seek revenge. The events revolve around a lyrical dramatic plot that is not without comic moments. So, such a story is very fascinating and unique in its artistic form.

When you hear Moede, you will feel like a guinea pig in the hands of this talented artist. His new project “Rosey My Zombie Girlfriend” has the power to make you dance in a way, you’ve probably never done before.

The entrance to “Rosey My Zombie Girlfriend,” takes you to a valley full of echoes that keep reverberating, and then Jade comes with his unique soundtrack, and as you continue along the path, you will imagine that you are in a circus surrounded by crazy clowns in a world made of candy.  In another part, the rhythm of the drums is intertwined with the sound of the piano and violin. This combination creates this atmosphere.

The “Rosey My Zombie Girlfriend” track is a great addition to Jade Moede’s lineup, with a mixture of great sense and good humor. Enjoyed listening to it.

Edited by: Viola Karmy