Some Western vibes, Rock combined with Blues, Country, and Techno elements, and you’re set to feel part of a cinematic scene with gunshots in the background in Mexico with the sunny atmosphere in “Roses & Tumbleweeds” by Nikki Manos.

Nikki Manos is the musical project of the producer and multi-instrumentalist of Ironist, hailing from LA. His song “Roses & Tumbleweeds” was crafted perfectly to set a Western atmosphere for the listener right from its title. All of the elements work together to be your ride for this summery journey.

The vocals are deep and raspy, which fits the theme. The Techno elements are dazzling, hypnotic, and add a dream-like ambiance. The Alt-Rock, Blues, and Country fusion is ideal and urges the listener to craft in their mind the perfect 80’s movie scene to fit it. The guitar work is stunning throughout, shimmering at times and bluesy at others.

“Roses & Tumbleweeds” is from the upcoming EP “Rebel’s Twilight,” and it’s a perfect preview of what’s to come. The aim was to create a “Techno Western” concept, and by hearing the single, it’s clearly fulfilled.

Get ready to enjoy some sun rays, tumbleweeds moving with the wind, and shooting coming out, only by hitting the play button below, and let “Roses & Tumbleweeds” take you on this enthralling adventure.