The Prickly Pair self-describes themselves as ‘Angsty Americana’ style, and with this, they have delivered ‘Rosemary’. A sentimental, wistful chant takes you on a haunting journey to realising and dealing with the ugly truths of life and how they can affect us emotionally.

The song starts off with the lines:

“Lately I’ve been looking like
I need a stiff drink
Or Jesus in my life.”

The melodrama implied in the lyrics instantly connects and relates to dark feelings and desires, meanwhile Irene’s alluring, delicate and graceful vocals elevates this piece to a whole nother level, where Americana meets art.

Although the inspiration of the song comes from Rosemary Kennedy’s life, it isn’t only about her. Still, it uses her story as an engaging and transitional angle towards a personal and creative way of expression and exploration.

“‘Rosemary’ serves to open the door into the rich world of The Prickly Pair collective musical sensibilities.”

The instrumentation of the song accompanies the vocals with symphonic twirls of country, colored guitars and keyboards.

The two artists forming The Prickly Pair met for a reason. The result of their inspiration and music skills combined to emerge a new genre that is hard to put into words, it’s fascinating and only understandable when you listen to their music.
‘Rosemary’ is the heartfelt debut single from LA-based singer-songwriters Irene Greene & Mason Summit. The two join forces as The Prickly Pair, purveyors of angsty Americana.
The song is a gripping kick-off to a series of singles in advance of an EP set to come later this year.

Rosemary Kennedy was developmentally disabled and suffered seizures and emotional difficulties. Her father had her lobotomized at age 23, leaving her largely incapacitated, and she was sent away to live most of her life in an institution in Wisconsin. It’s a story that Irene Greene stumbled upon while in college, and found fascinating.

As things have slowly opened up post COVID pandemic, The Prickly Pair has started gigging around L.A., becoming regulars at the Hotel Cafe, Bar Lubitsch and other nightspots, supplemented by a weekly “Happy Hour with The Prickly Pair” livestream on Thursdays over various social media platforms as well as viral covers on TikTok.