Joey Rival‘s past involvement with various bands, including Rival Order, has provided him with the necessary experience to present a unique metal sound that blends different styles. Presently, he has released an iconic melodic extreme metal track titled “Rooted in Blood.” Let’s explore and headbang!

blankThe track immediately captivates with its fast drumming, powerful vocals, and catchy guitar riffs. Joey Rival, a guitarist, singer, recording artist, session musician, and songwriter, brings a wealth of skills to the table, including a background in graphic design, studio mixing, and content creation. With a rich history in the metal scene, Joey has contributed to live performances, studio ventures, and various music projects. Our team had the privilege of reviewing his earlier works like “Traumatic Reflections” and conducting an engaging interview. Joey has collaborated with multiple bands, spearheaded original projects like Rival Order, participated in tribute acts, and supported other musical ensembles. Drawing inspiration from both classic and contemporary metal artists, Joey has crafted a unique writing style that resonates with a wide range of listeners.

The beauty of “Rooted in Blood” is really like expressing what is in our minds and sometimes these emotions of agony can be a source of self-destruction, I bet you already have seen these people or even you were one of them someday. “The song is a story of inner turmoil, guilt, and the consequential need for atonement. Reflecting on a cycle of repentance that consumes the life, driven by overwhelming emotions like anger and sorrow,” Joey Rival stated, “ There are references to violence and self-destruction—’Take the flesh and rip it from the bone’—which suggest an intense struggle with guilt and a desire for redemption through suffering.”

Mainly a metaphor for releasing emotional distress, the depiction of darkness and being “rotting from the scent of all the lies” suggests a sense of deceit or betrayal that has profoundly impacted an individual, pushing them towards self-destructive tendencies and thoughts of revenge. The song delves into deep psychological territories and the lengths someone may go to in order to regain a sense of authority or understand past injustices. It portrays a character wrestling with intense sorrow and rage, striving to find solace through aggressive and self-punishing actions. “Rooted in Blood” is mixed by Danymal Sound and mastered by Ted Whitten.