With a mix of influences and a clear melodic direction, the British rocker SALT dropped their latest single Roly Moes on the 19th of January 2024 announcing a remarkable comeback with a lot more tunes to follow. Crafting a tone and pace that delivers the perfect emotion, SALT are taking us on a moving journey that’ll end up with Roly Moes slipping into your “On Repeat” playlist. 

Deep, heart-hitting bass and a warm, expressive vocal melody are SALT‘s way to get their fans instantly hooked to Roly Moes, as they build up to a groovy tune with swaying jazzy melodies and subtle dynamic escalation. Sharon Woods’ mesmerizing vocals smoothly guide the listeners through Roly Moes’ mellow progression, going in perfect harmony with the soothing guitars and atmospheric synth creating dark emotional layers that solidify the song’s melancholic sound. Roly Moes has such a well-arranged composition and clever production, that allowed its multi-layered structure to be fully heard and make its impact while keeping its warm authentic sound and gloomy mood uncompromised.

SALT‘s detailed writing and well-knowledge of their sound and direction shine brightly through Roly Moes’ streaming flow and balanced melodies, their soft jazzy groove cleverly shaped its pace and steered the structure through the organic twists and turns. Looking forward to more from SALT, keep on rocking guys. Cheers!