I could have never expected to write about a song called “Roller Skating”, but here I am, listening to the song for the umpteenth time and just chilling to it.

“Roller Skating” is a new single from Tim Scott, a UK musical sensation, session guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, and composer, he started out as an innovator-guitarist and has been wowing crowds since then.

His new song “Roller Skating” pushes musical boundaries by mixing and mashing musical styles with melodic guitar lines, licks, and tricks….Tim is known for his unique guitar mashing style…which is a mix of guitar and dance music…which is pure ear candy.

I’ve been listening to the song for quite some time now and it is quite unique.

The song blends dance music, synth-pop, blues rock, and chill vocal layers, you just can’t help but to vibe with it…it has this uplifting/life-loving sense and feels to it. Why don’t we have more of this kind of song? A little beacon of liveliness would really go a long way!

All of the elements are masterfully played, recorded, mixed, and mastered…
The drums are driving the uplifting beat…love some of those 80s tom drums fills!
The bass line is so groovy and melodic…and slappy!
The guitar…well, the guitar…Tim is a master of his craft, there is no other way to say it.

His tone is amazing.
His melodic chops are out of this world.
His technicalities are on another level completely.

If you like 80s synth-pop vibes that were reincarnated recently with The Weeknd, Miley Cyrus, John Mayer kind of melodic music, you will love Tim Scott’s “Roller Skating”…go check it out now, and check out his other awesome songs!

I wish there were more artists that make uplifting music and songs, I think it is something that we can’t have enough of.

Tim, we wish you all the best in the world and will be definitely on the lookout for more ear candy from you!



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