Although, the first you feel about the Australian singer-songwriter AIMÉS‘ music is a pop tune with a vintage feel, but actually, it’s way more than this because I believe the song arrangement was pretty smart to make it like any other 80s pop tune but all of it mixed with a smooth rocky atmosphere over funky beats. Of course, her voice is one of the main factors to like this song, but I cannot deny the guitar line was astonishing really. Well, words are countless to describe the beauty, still, it’s time to feel the funky vibes with the crunchy guitars. Enjoy! 😉

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Greetings from Canada! Keep Your Head Down is the first single by Caylen Bennett from his upcoming album, The Stand Is the Fall. Well, this indie artist has a great talent in songwriting really, but also, I’d like to appraise his mixing and mastering techniques. Yeah! He writes, composes, mixes, and masters at his own home, professionally! This is a wow! Well, it’s a great effort really. The song is very catchy to your ears, the groove is marvellous, what can I say we are talking about the rock music core itself which is a song full of energy, catchy old school Riff and powerful vocals. Well done, man! I cannot wait to listen to the album. Check out his music below!

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Manny Cabo is one of the few modern rock artists that I can say who has a special flavour, his singing style and musical structure proves it really. “Way Down” is his latest release, actual, once you play the song you will feel the energy and how it’s delivering a great mix of old school hard rock with a grundy mood. Perfectly made! I believe one of the main points over here is the mix of the track, I guess such an element was a huge factor to get this song to succeed. Feel the rock vibes below and I dare you to control your head from banging! Enjoy! m/

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Mena Ezzat