The track opens with an emotional keys taste, calm beats of drums and effective catchy guitar riffs. The vocals are really smooth and sweet. You can distinguish the influences of classic music through the general atmosphere of the track. Keys lines alerted in my mind the tunes of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, and Manfred Mann‘s music.

The usage of saxophone gives more classical taste to music. The track is really calm, spiritual and emotional. The flow of feelings and memories is reflected in the movement of the riffs. The sorrowful tunes of the guitars are like the mirror which reflects the reason for writing this song. The song was written by the ex drummer of the band, Patrik Khalil, for one of his friends’ funeral. I find some sort of confusion in the track’s name, ‘A New Life’, while the event itself is death. Can we call it a positive hopeful notion of death? Death can be a new life without pain, shame, tragedy, sorrow, an eternal relif.
I should admit, it is a great experience for me. It’s great to have in our scene a nice musical taste like Rock Rockies that makes our scene earn more variety. Keep going guys. The rate is 9/10.

Written by: Rana Atef
Edited by: Jailan El-Rafie



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