Credit: Kyle Leonard Bent

Free Under Fire is a Canadian rock band known for their signature groundbreaking yet nostalgic sound of rock and sonic live performances. Emanating from Toronto, Ontario, they released their debut album Beauty in Extremes in 2022. The album, featuring 10 tracks including songs such as “6th Door,” “183,” “Cascade,” and “Wolves,” expanded Free Under Fires fan following and saw them featured on 94.9 The Rock – Generation Next. Consisting of members Eddie Stone on vocals, Justin on guitar and Paul on drums, the band was formed in 2015 and bolstered their line-up in 2020 with the addition of bassist Lenn or as the band refers to him, Phill.

“‘Nothing For The Soul,’ as well as most of our music, fits neatly under the umbrella of a singular idea – that human beings flourish under pressure. That we are only free when faced with trials and tribulations that border on the impossible, and we only encounter the best in ourselves when pushed to our absolute limit.” -Justin and Paul

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