Rock of Ages, based on the Broadway hit show with its star-studded cast surprisingly did poorly at box office to say the least.

However, it bombed majorly. The cheesy satire of the club owner Alec Baldwin falling in love, appearing as a Macho rock star is done poorly. The mechanical setup of how Juliane Hough’s clichéd character named Sherrie Christian coming from the south and being a proper Christian girl and suddenly getting mugged as soon as she arrives in Hollywood. Then a hot bartender Drew Boley played by Diego Boneta comes to try to save the day. See not a total cliché because he could not get her bag. But wait for it? She came with only seven dollars to her name and wants fame. So, at some point waitressing and stripping were the only ways to try to achieve that and for Drew it’s rock and rap… Hmm. 

Had this movie been done right all the clichés would have been overlooked and foolishly enjoyed by movie aficionados. The 80s music and call for nostalgia could not save it with all due respect the cast ruined a lot of good songs such as Harden my Heart, Waiting for a Girl Like You and Hit me with your Best Shot among numerous others. Some dance numbers were done poorly; the shy reporter that suddenly becomes a sex maniac is totally unrealistic. The comedy can be easily foretold in every single scene and it was all done for cheap laughs and done half-assed. Disrespecting the audience musical knowledge and intelligence. When I heard of this movie being made I knew it was going to be a bore and the funny Catherine Zeta Jones stripping days dance skills won’t save the movie. Not even Tom Cruise’s portrayal of rock God and getting super fit for the role. Total disappointment a mediocre movie at best.

Reviewed by: Randa Ashraf