Rock Of Ages is a musical romantic comic movie. The Movie was released in 2012; directed by Adam Shankman, starring Julianne Hough, Diego Boneta and Tom Cruise. The movie shaded lights on different types in Rock music industry in 1987. For example, the young lady who dreamed to be a famous Rock star, the talented young men who had qualities to form a successful band but they were financially unfortunate and those who already had fame but lived alone with his broken heart and his fierce lusts and lived on what was given to him from fame by fate. It also discussed the society’s situation towards everything different or against what was inherited.

The majority of people started to fight this kind of music as their hatred for fatal enemy, but on the other hand, this particular kind of music attracted a lot of youth, which forced families to save their sons and daughters from this enemy.

The movie starts off back in 1987, with a young lady called Sherrie. She travelled to L.A. in order to be a famous rock star. Unfortunately, her recordings were stolen. Then she met a young man called Drew who offered her a job in a famous nightclub, which introduced rock and roll concerts. Sherrie and Drew expeditiously fell in love. They promised each other to make their dreams come true. The love story ended with a break up due to some events and each aimed to a career without love. In a twist of events, they both meet Stacee Jaxx – the famous rock stae – to save rock n’ roll music in L.A. With Sherrie and Drew’s help they worked on new music as well as saving his career. Not only that, they gained back their live in lights of rock n’ roll fame.

In the beginning of the movie we can see the happy face of Sherrie. She believes in her dreams and her ability to be a rock star. She faces all her problems with her smile and faith and turned her dreams from some ideas in her mind to career everyone can touch. Julianne Hough acted her role in very good way. She could deliver us the real passion. She forced the audience of the movie to dream with her and she managed in attracting them to watch the story to the end.

Diego Boneta was a good choice to act the role of Drew. His way of performance, and his body language were a strong evidence for his honest feelings, which he truly expressed in the movie. Stacee Jaxx’s role was very suitable for Tom Cruise. He played a role of a handsome rock star who can attract every kind of women and we all know that Cruise is one of the famous stars in the world by his gracefulness. At the same time this role is quite different from any other role Cruise presented, but he still perfected it. Everyone can find and touch the cooperation between the actors and actresses in the movie.


The movie reflected the different views of people about music; for example some of them considered music is an awful thing and denied it and others loved it and defended it. Another point the movie focused on is about people who forget their origins; they will eventually fail, which exactly what happened to Drew.

The movie showed another point about rock and its relation with drugs or drinking or sex but the movie aroused this subject as personal actions for brokenhearted rock stars.

The fashion style in the movie successfully matched the date where the movie takes place. Rock lovers are affected by the style of their rock starts. They started imitated their clothes, their accessories, their way of thinking, and their way of singing and performance on the stage. In one of the scenes, we watch Drew start to do some actions as Jaxx’s ones on stage to attract the audience.


The last point should be discussed in this review, the movie aced in using music in this period. We found some of the famous rock songs were represented in the movie as parts of the dialogues and as soundtracks to explain the moral and the real subject of the story. For example the usage of “I Wanna Rock” to reflect Drew’s dream of being a famous rock star and the usage of “Wanted Dead Or Alive” to reflect Jaxx’s ignorance towards the reporter.

The tracks used in the movie were successfully chosen due to the timing where our story took place; bands such as Guns N’ Roses and Bon Jovi were some of the most known bands in this period. The movie received mixed critical reviews. Personally, I give the movie 8/10 because the movie managed to express a lot of the subject’s sides, however it ignored other sides of music industry. The movie also focused on Jaxx’s lust more than its focusing on Jaxx’s talents.


In conclusion, this movie is good suggestion if you are interested in watching musical movies about rock music industry. You’ll have a nice trip with excellent collection of rock songs.

Written by: Rana Atef
Edited by: NJ Bakr