I’m left speechless since poor words can’t even express how this music made me feel on the inside. I smiled for the entire 3:30 minutes every time I rewatched the music video. The animated video is so good that it makes you want to be inside it, just as when you were a kid and wanted to go into the TV with your favorite cartoon character. Anyway, whether you’re in it or not, you can’t help but bounce along to the drum bass, joyous guitar notes, and the raucous riffs. Jesse’s vocals are vibrant and full of energy, as well as gratitude and love for music.

His lyrical choices demonstrated how much he adores music and considers it as his saviour: “She reaches out her hand to me, picked up a guitar, I played a note and I felt free.” If you actually think about it, it’s true on so many levels. Artists and fans had been rescued from dark places by music, or at least it felt like a warm hug in the midst of their despair.

I can’t help but wonder, if listening to it was so much joy, how much more so was making it?

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Viola Karmy