With his deep 80s and 90s rock and heavy metal roots, NOLA artist Kevin The Persian unleashes his own thundering heavy metal sound. Kevin dropped his self-produced and recorded debut album “Southern Dissonance” on January 19, 2022, it was recorded over several months until it was completed to be mixed by Austin Deptula and mastered by

Marc Frigo then, it was headbanging ready. “Rock is Dead” was the debut’s 1st single and, on the contrary, it sounds like Kevin’s answer to that famous question “is rock music dead?”

With fat bass, pounding drums with changing patterns, and heavy groovy riffs “Rock is Dead” welcomes you, Kevin The Persian takes his time with the intro making sure the listener is 100% for the verse. Kevin’s vocals sound like they take all over the place and even lead the melody’s groove and dynamics whenever he is singing, he made perfect use of his vocal abilities and range in injecting all the needed aggressiveness. The guitar work on “Rock is Dead” is phenomenal, Kevin’s lines are extremely groovy and melodic creating some catchy riffs with loads of energy, and those shredding solos are KILLER SOLOS!

“Rock is Dead” by Kevin The Persian is the living that rock will never die! His riffs and how he delivered those vocal melodies on them are the core of rock and heavy metal and the way he shreds those solos blew my mind. Kevin is not only a good singer and guitarist but also a skilled songwriter. This shows in how he maintains this song’s dynamics on a high level in an interesting, enjoyable structure. I’ll keep a close eye on Kevin The Persian, keep on rocking dude, cheers!