Vancouver-based rock singer Charlie PS has a sound that can be described as a sonic melting pot. Inspired by a wide variety of rock and blues from legends of the 20th century such as Stevie Nicks and Ann Wilson, to modern rock artists that include Grace Potter and ZZ Ward, Charlie borrows elements of strong vocals and energetic riffs and uses them to create her own blended sound rooted in modern-rock.

Her latest single “Even If It Kills Me” takes its dynamic chorus, layered with an ensemble of vocals and live horns and its modern rock inspired instrumentation and calls out to the risk takers and the secretly insecure, reminding them that sometimes it’s okay to just be you. “Even If It Kills Me” is the second of three singles to be released this year from her five song EP, also titled Even If It Kills Me, later in November.

Even If It Kills Me” is inspired by Charlie’s journey through COVID after much self-work and going from a chronic overthinker to being in a much more peaceful and carefree head space, as well as the notion of persevering through things that you love to do, even if they aren’t always easy – for Charlie, this situation is about the music industry and being a musician. 

“I feel that a lot of people agonize over their flaws and insecurities or just care too much and want to change into a version of themselves they think will make them happier,” says Charlie. “But I hope that ‘Even If It Kills Me’ will help remind people that being the realest version of yourself and showing the world the good, the bad and the ugly is a much more freeing place to be in.”


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