Dmitriy Gushchin

Mad Painter hits hard with pure rocking tunes and proggy twists on their latest single Rock And Roll Samurai which was out on the 19th of January, 2023. 

With undeniable classic rock roots and direction, Mad Painter opens Rock and Roll Samurai. Expressive theatrical vocals, big captivating sound, and heavy organs lead you through Rock and Roll Samurai’s fluid epic structure. Mad Painter created a dreamy sound that feels like a legendary trip with smooth fluid melodies, but cleverly managed to keep their sound and dynamics intense, and that kept me hooked throughout the whole song. That drum solo around the 2:40 minute mark was a game changer, it added an extra rocking layer with that solo hyping up the mood, and building up to a big energetic twist that took us to a well-orchestrated outro that’ll make you play it again from the top.

Rock And Roll Samurai will take you back in time to rock’s golden era. Strong classic vibes and genuine early rocking sound define Mad Painter‘s style and approach, and songs like this show their dedication and well knowledge of their sound, as well as their powerful songwriting and character. Looking forward to more from Mad Painter, keep on rocking guys. Cheers!