Most of WWE tracks are remarkable and famous; a lot of WWE Universe – WWE Fans – listen to Superstars’ entrance tracks. Because of the popularity of WWE and its music, a lot of bands create music for the WWE Music Group. WWE Music collections sold more than a million copies! As John Cooper the vocalist of Skillet explained in one of his interviews “Cooperating with WWE is like from 0 to 100.” Check this list to know which Rock and Metal bands you listen to while watching the WWE show.

1. Motorhead:
‘The Game’ and ‘The King Of The Kings’ are 2 of the most famous and oldest WWE entrance tracks. They are famous for being the music entrance for Triple H or HHH. Motorhead shared in many WWE live shows to perform ‘The Game’ live. Another track was selected for Triple H but this time was for his whole team Evolution,‘A Line In The Sand’ was Evolution’s team entrance track. Evolution was one of the strongest teams in WWE history and its members were: Triple H, Ric Flair, Randy Orton and Batista.

2. Rick Derringer
The well-known vocalist and guitarist RickDerringer’s ‘Real American’ was chosen to be the former WWE superstar Hulk Hogan.

3. Alter Bridge

I think ‘Metalingus’ is one of the main reasons for Alter Bridge‘s fame. ‘Metalingus’ was selected to be the entrance track for the WWE superstar Edge.

4. Rev Theory
An American hard rock band that was formed in 2002. Their track ‘Voices’ was selected to be Randy Orton’s a.k.a The Viper entrance track.

5. Downstait
Is an Alternative Metal/Rock band, their track ‘I Came To Play’ was selected to be The Miz entrance track and ‘Here to Show the World’ for Dolph Ziggler entrance.

6. Living Color
An American Hard Rock band; their track ‘Cult Of Personality’ was selected to be CM Punk entrance track.

7. Stonefree
Their track ‘Ain’t No Make Believe’ was selected to be the former WWE Superstar John Morrison entrance track.

8. Story Of The Year

It is an Alternative Rock/Post Hardcore/Screamo/Emo band, their track ‘Just Close Your Eyes’ was chosen to be Christian entrance track.

9. Imagine Dragons
It is an American Alternative Rock band their track ‘Monster’ was chosen to be Daniel Bryan entrance track.

10. Endeverafter
A Heavy Metal band, their track ‘No more Words’ was selected for former WWE superstar Jeff Hardy entrance .

11. Stoner Magnet
From the name, a Stoner Rock band their track ‘Live For The Moment’ was chosen for the former WWE Superstar Matt Hardy entrance.

12. Mark Crozer And The Rels
He is an English Musician of the Scottish alternative Rock band The Jesus and Mary Chain. Mark Crozer And The Rels composed a track entitled ‘Broken Out In Love’. It was selected for WWE Superstar Bray Wyat entrance.

Stay tuned for part two…

Written by: Rana Atef
Edited by: NJ Bakr


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