Puppets, marionettes, automatons, robots and now, AI…how did we arrive at this moment in human history?

…are humans themselves paving the way for a bustling future for the AI?

“Robots Stole My Job”…could’ve been a line you’d never hear, but now, it’s an anthemic and instantly catchy single by artist extraordinaire Hyper Lion…what a time for the artist to release this song…or was it not a coincidence?

The artist actually had an experience at his work that goes like this…

…one day, while working, the company told the artist that they would have to let him go…because they got a new piece of software to replace him…THE HUMAN!

The result is a super artistic, extremely catchy, superbly melodic song called “Robots Stole My Job”.

“Robots Stole My Job” is an excellent song that highlights the double-edged sword of technology and AI…on one hand, it’s an instantly iconic song, on the other hand, it’s thought-provoking and actually kind of deep.

…not only does it come in one flavor, or two…but three flavors!

You’ve got the original song, the radio edit, and the instrumental…and this is brilliant, let me tell you why.

When you’ve got a song that good, with such a powerful beat and excellent melodies, you would really want to enjoy it on different levels…and now, you could!

…and the brains behind this hit song, Hyper Lion has something very interesting to say…he says:

“I write cool music for weird people, and weird music for cool people”

…say no more.

Originally from London and now living in LA, Hyper Lion is best known as 1/2 of Pariis

Opera House which has remixed for Island Records, gaining the support of Lauren

Laverne, Nemone, and Tom Robinson at BBC 6Music with the release of their single


They supported Example, Zane Lowe and Edith Bowman at U.K. festivals

and clubs, while soundtracking Hollywood films, adverts, video games, and TV shows…there is nothing that’s out of this duo’s musical boundaries.

Not to mention that as a solo artist, Hyper Lion has released 5 EPs (Red7, Mt, Yo Miro, Lax, Pander), 3 LPs

(Submariner, Submariner 2, Koinkidink), and a live remix album (DIN) and has co-written and co-produced with Jake Gosling, NUUXS, and Lakes.

“Robots Stole My Job” is a song you can’t afford to miss out on…an exquisite, fun and musical piece of art.

Wishing all the best to Hyper Lion and can’t wait to hear more and more from him.