Roberto Lopez is a Colombian-Canadian musician and composer who pushes the boundaries of modern Latin music with hip arrangements. Under Colombian grooves he unabashedly adds jazz, funk and electronic music to the mix. His projects have been presented on tours across Canada, Chile and Mexico. Roberto has received several nominations (JUNO, ADISQ, GAMIQ, Canadian Folk Music Awards), as well as receiving the prestigious Artiste révélation Radio-Canada Award.

Roberto has made a name for himself with his innovative arrangements and Ritual is no exception. On this album Roberto uses the voice as an accomplice instrument of the guitar. And we are talking about some great collaborations here: the Brazilian singer Flavia Nascimento and the Cuban singer Adan de Dios (Klimax) lend their magnificent voices to this sixth album. Afro-Colombian (porro and cumbia) and Afro-Cuban (guajira, son and descarga) rhythms meet Motown-reminiscent basslines, getting close to jazz and grooving on Latin electric guitars. The many varied rhythms are the work of Sacha Daoud on drums, while Kullak Viger-Rojas and Juan Sebastian Quiros share the congas, timbal, quijada, shekere, campanas, alegre, llamador, tambora and maracas. For his part, Roberto plays electric, acoustic, Colombian (the tiple) guitars, bass (on the synthesizer) and percussion (shakers, triangle, claves).

The recipe is complex, but the result is simple: an album full of catchy, tropical and modern songs that will certainly make the crowds dance, a ritual to which Roberto has accustomed us since he started.

Press via Dog Ranch Music PR