For a while, I was curious about rock music films income. Are they that profitable? When we see epic musical trailers with huge stage setups, concerts, rock stars and studios, does that actually encourage the audience to go see it in theatres? Our list here focuses on films which were produced since the early 2000s till now. And a fun fact about these huge number of rock movies that have been produced since then, only few who made it in the box office! Let’s find out!

1. The School of Rock – 2003

It’s already 12 years-old and this film still ROCKS! Every time you find it on TV, you can’t help but sit on your couch, watch and laugh. I believe that this film is more than a rock comedy film; it delivers unique message to audience of younger ages. With a budget of $35 million dollars, they made it in the box office by getting a domestic income = $81,261,177 + Foreign: $50,021,772 to be total of $131,282,949.

2. Bandslam – 2009

A high school student becomes a manager of a successful rock/ska band. It’s kind of like many other stories, but the change of events within teenager is pretty cool and puts you directly in the mood. The film got mixed reviews but most of them were very supportive but they got only 12 million out of 20 million dollar budget.


3. Hedwig and the Angry Inch – 2001

Well, the idea of the film could be acceptable these days as a gay male musician getting married and then forming a band, stealing his tour, etc.. Frankly, the film received very positive reviews from Rotten Tomatoes, The Wall Street Journal and others but gained less than 4 million out of 6 million budget!

4. Walk the Line – 2005

One of my favourite films of all time! Joaquin Phoenix did a really nice job to portray the legendary Johnny Cash as much as he can. Even Reese Witherspoon took the time she needed to prepare June Carter as to get her singing style and stage performance. The film budget wasn’t that high, only on $28 million, but they nailed it! Guess what? On it’s opening weekend, they got $22.3 million gross and as a worldwide income, the film got $186,438,883.

5. The Rocker – 2008

Oh, I am in love with this movie. A story of betrayed band member which got the chance to the same band again after 20 years, and imagine with his nephew and other talented young musicians. Sadly, they didn’t make it at all, as the film produced almost with 15 million dollars and gained less than 9 million.

6. Rock of Ages – 2012

I do not know what to say, but I can’t deny that the trailer that showed Tom Cruise’s character attracted me to watch the movie. I liked the soundtracks and the characters performance so much, but regarding the story, I can’t see the difference clearly. Even with their high budget which was $75 million, they didn’t make it and just got $59,418,613 from the Box Office. Hey, have you seen our review for this movie? Read what we thought about it here.


7. Rock Star – 2001

One of the rare musical films that is based on a true story. It is about Chris “Izzy” Cole who was in a Judas Priest tribute band and has been chosen by the band members to replace Rob Halfrod. Do you know who that was? Any close?
Yes, it’s Tim “Ripper” Owens. Anyhow, based on Box Office Mojo the budget was $57 million in which other sources mentioned that it was only $38 million, as the film budget is still not clear, but the film didn’t make it anyway where it only got $19,334,145 worldwide.
Did you know that we interviewed the guy? Yes, we did. Read about it here.


8. I’m Not There – 2007

A biographical musical film about the legendary rock musician Bob Dylan. I actually think the movie was perfectly made, since they didn’t only depend on one actor to portray his life, they had 6 actors to play his different public personas, including Cate Blanchett! Insane, huh? It received positive reviews from movie critics, and Bob Dylan said “I thought it looked good, and those actors were incredible.” However, it only made a little over 11$ with a budget of 20$. Not only deep movies get recognized.

9. Almost Famous – 2000

Back to the 70s, a teenage journalist is trying to get his hit story about a rock band to be featured in the Rolling Stone cover. The film wasn’t that great and it received mixed reviews by audience. This movie of budget $60 million gained only $47,383,689 in the box office.


10. Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny – 2006

I don’t know even where to start with this movie. It’s entertaining, it’s hilarious, it has a witty story, and above that, an amazing soundtrack. It stars the Tenacious D members Jack Black and Kyle Gass and a bunch of amazing artists of both the music and acting field. Although, I could guarantee that the movie was widely seen, the box office revenue wasn’t as good, it only received $13,908,762 while in fact their budget was $20 million.

Edited by: NJ Bakr.