Preparing for their “Schizophrenic prog-noise EP “-as described by the band- Break, Canadian-based industrial prog headbangers Ooluu dropped their 2nd single Ripe on the 16th of December, 2022. Accompanied by an artistically shocking video that reflects Ripe‘s theme, Ooluu are on the path to being one of the best bands you’ll check out in 2023. Let me tell you more about it.

With a solid melodic build-up, Ooluu opened Ripe and carefully started crafting a solid progression with a subtle dark layer that kept on growing as the song progressed. That mellow intro shows their good sense of melody but don’t let it fool you, coz that hypnotizing groove laying within this multi-layered structure leads into an exploding extreme banger. Ripe‘s music video perfectly reflects its twists and turns and most importantly, reflects how messed up our world has become and all the efforts we’ve made to make it even worse. Ripe has a smooth dynamic flow and a tight constantly evolving structure, driven by well-arranged instrumentation with dominating guitars seamlessly shifting from clean melodies to thick raw riffing, fat groovy bass, and amazing jazzy drumming, all topped by an expressive vocal delivery that constantly pushes its energy forward. 

Ooluu delivered a highly recommended progressive experience on Ripe, they skillfully showed their top-notch music writing and well-knowledge of their desired sound, vision, and direction. They managed to cleverly mix catchy melodies and heavy riffs in a neat production without compromising their dark sound, and that music video was a bold relentless statement.

I’m definitely going to dig deeper into Ooluu‘s catalog, looking forward to more guys. Cheers!


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