Purely indie, ethereal, dreamy, and palpably passionate, Zack Robertson’s latest single release, ‘Right One, Wrong Time’ is stirring while being gentle, yet impactful, cool, and unique.

Based in Exeter, the United Kingdom, Zack Robertson is a singer and a songwriter whose high octane, punk-led tendencies wonderfully clash with his floaty, buoyant indie ones in his delivery of this latest single of his. ‘Right One, Wrong Time’ is extremely direct. Robertson starts by stating that “sometimes you pay the price for falling in love with the right one at the wrong time”, and putting to the side how great of a lyric this is, it speaks volumes of Robertson’s willingness to put his heart out there and be vulnerable in front of us all, which he then proceeds to do for the remainder of the song. Relatable, heartfelt, and soulful.

Robertson’s sparkling clean guitar arpeggios that resonate throughout the song, creating an almost drone-like atmosphere that is effortlessly hypnotic, while also adding vivid color to the chord structure of the song’s verses, before a punchy, start-stop chorus kicks in, introducing vocal harmonies in a lively call and response part that injects the chorus with even more heft.

‘Right One, Wrong Time’ is sure to mend some ailing hearts, and to break some recovering ones. Honest and relatable, Zack Robertsons’s deep voice and touching lyrics, combined with his tasteful guitar arrangement and a healthy mix of driving beats, ethereal open strings, and a straight-to-heart approach to the composition all ensure a song that’s easy to fall in love with.