Rena Malakoff

The Virginia-based musician and public school teacher, Dan Paris, decided to share with us his musical talents as a singer and songwriter in his musical project, “Early Jets.” After writing about 50 songs, he finally decided to share with the world his art when he crafted the light and vivid love song, “Right Kind Of Fantastic.”

Have you ever been so drunk on love that every time you see the one you love, you feel as if they have cast a spell on you and magical love is all over the place? “Right Kind Of Fantastic” portrays this scene perfectly, using lyrics to draw the scene in your head, duo vocals to move your feelings with the chemistry they have, and the right kind of composition to set the mood for you. Dan Paris wisely utilised what he had to construct a promising starter.  He wrote and recorded everything in an empty classroom whenever he had time. Also, he used the help of his fellow teacher, Sam Taggart, to add delicate, velvet vocals that harmonized with Paris’s melodious vocals.

The single has a blend of electro and pop that creates an upbeat, bouncy flavor to the sentimental vibes. The drums are super dynamic and keep up with the high energy coming from the electric guitars. The bridge into the outro is mind-blowing! It doubles the lusty ambience with its well-structured, escalating instrumental.

Obviously, “Early Jets” has a lot to offer, and “Right Kind Of Fantastic” below is an excellent onset to keep us waiting for what’s next.

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