Jaye Madison, a Nashville-based sister-duo made up Madison and Jordan Skinner, recently released a new song, “Ride or Die”. It’s described by the duo as a feel-good BFF anthem, and is all about women’s empowerment! It was produced with the help of Grammy-winning producer Mikal Blue (who worked with the likes of One Republic and Jason Mraz) and Dean Dinning, the bassist for Toad the Wet Sprocket. 

To start off, I absolutely loved the cover art for the song! A cartoon-like picture of 2 best friends riding with each other with the song title “Ride or Die” on the top, it literally symbolizes that we ride together or die together. First time listening to the song, I imagined myself on the way to the beach, with my friends in the car singing along to this song. It is a super wholesome song, and Madison and Jordan’s voices fit like puzzle pieces, with each of them completing one another to create such perfect harmony. 

In conclusion, I absolutely loved this song and the message behind it, and it is definitely added to my summer playlist! The cover art, the guitars, the vocals, it’s all perfect.