Matthew Cortelessi

Chapell might be the most prolific NYC-based band you’ve never heard of, yet. Led by an enigmatic frontman whose voice and lyrics are incredibly fluid and easy on the ears, they have been steadily pumping out albums for five years. And they’re all packed with delicate Pop Rock gems.

The song we’re about to discuss is Ride, from their 2019 album, Penultimate. Bad omen? They’ve released 2 albums since then, thankfully, and as a longtime fan, I can rest easy, and after listening to this song, you’ll probably feel the same way. Ride is a sensual driving anthem. Melodic, catchy, easy, and extremely colorful and unique. The easily distinguishable string section plays a part that’s nothing less than remarkable. The drums are airy and expansive and, together with a tasty bassline, provide a solid groove that supports everything. The voice is given a place to shine, and it should. The high notes of the chorus are sublime and bask deservedly in the limelight.

Ride is simple and honest, while being musical and catchy and full of intricate musicianship. Give Chapell a chance and they will have no hard time in winning you over with their beautiful sound.