Scott Chalmers

After a 3-year hiatus, Birdeatsbaby is back with a single that quenches their fans’ thirst. The 4-member band is based in London/Brighton in the UK with Mishkin Fitzgerald as lead singer, Garry Mitchell on guitar, Anna Mylee with her progressive rhythms, and Hana Piranha on cello and harp. The band’s previous releases date back to 2016 with several singles and Eps/albums that have been a huge success with some of them reaching over 100K streams on Spotify. They’ve been able to establish a strong fan base and loyal listeners which are a total of over 9K every month on Spotify only. Their music is appealing to the listeners of Opeth, Spiritbox, and Deftones. 

‘Ribbons’ is their first single released from their upcoming, highly anticipated album ‘HEX’; in such a short time the song has already reached 5K streams on Spotify only and almost 3K views on YouTube. It was produced by the award-winning Evan Rodaniche of Cage9 Fame and distributed by State 51 Conspiracy under the record label Dead Round Eyes. The song is accompanied by an unconventional music video in which the band members appear with limited clothing and tied down with ropes in different positions and suspended in the air using the Japanese Shibari method as a metaphor for the meaning behind the song in which Mishkin writes about how choices could be limiting and restricting that you feel stagnant and stuck. The video and photography of it were taken by Scott Chalmers (Jamie Lenman, Saint Ages). The song has a very dark aesthetic and sound, a beautiful blend between doom metal, orchestral metal, and rock elements. It combines a lot of contradicting elements that end up complimenting the song like the vocal growls that turn into whispers and then move to a beautifully sung operatic soprano line. The drumbeat and pattern used are interesting and not mainstream which sets a strong foundation for an abstract and interesting sound. The beat drops, breaks, and musical pauses are important elements in the overall sound which is completed by aggressive, dark, and subtle guitar riffs and chords, accompanied by lots of sound effects that create layers and textures. Such an interesting glimpse of the new album that we can’t wait to listen to.