For sure, there are numerous incredible guitarists we have seen through the decades, After the success of his first single ‘I’m Telling My Troubles To StrangersNigel Barker released his second single ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah’ from his forthcoming new album FIVE-The Fifth Album which comes out later this year.

Well, if you are not familiar with the guitar as an instrument and its components, the standard one is six-strings guitar, ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah’ was made on just ONE STRING GUITAR! Usually, Barker makes a huge impression on his fans and critics, and that returns to his innovative, quirky, and interesting songwriter style. “In a time when so many bands claim to be ‘breaking the mold’ Nigel really is, this is different, this is truly great music.” – press described.

From the first stroke you can feel the vibes and when the slide-one-string guitar started its catchy line you simply just fall in love, and to complete such a picture, the strong voice of Nigel is my favorite pure bluesy RNR vocals of the year! The song is pretty short and very tight, and you will find yourself just keep repeating it. Nigel says “It’s a song written on what some people call a Diddley Bow or a one-string guitar. Basically, a piece of wood, four by two and about three foot long with one string nailed on it and a pickup, and when you crank it through an amplifier with a bit of fuzz tone on it, it sounds …well pretty darn’d good!!

Then with a one-string song, you first need a beat to help you along. And then a handful of lyrics. Then find a simple riff or two and you got a song in a couple minutes. That was the birth of Yeah Yeah Yeah and here’s the lyric.

Who put the ‘one’ in lonely Or put the ‘us’ in trust

You have to love somebody ‘Fore the shine turns to rust You have to love somebody Like this lyric say

You got a love somebody Everyday okay”

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