The American alternative band Glorybots released their latest single ‘Wrong’ which is a “dark alien pop” tune combined with rock riffs two days ago.

The noisemaker Jalal Andre, the architect behind Glorybots’ sci-fi landscapes and cosmic rock riffs released ‘Wrong’ which is actually not wrong at all! Although, his space and sci-fi dark music elements the track is an upbeat melody, where all harmonies and melodic are pretty amazing indeed.

Back to the roots: “The Seattle-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has been dismantling a legion of sounds for well over 20 years, spending a good deal of that time with Washington State indie rockers Echo Texture. And while he found a welcoming haven for his brisk riffs and emotionally driven lyricism within the band, there were times when his creativities led him down a stranger and darker avenues of melodic abstraction.” 

I believe that Andre’s music is more than just a solo artist releasing a new track, it’s a birth of a new genre indeed. “Glorybots is the avenue through which Andre breaks free from the confines of traditional rock arrangements, allowing him to focus more on complex thematic development and the various arts of experimental composition.” – he explained.