Their raw energetic melodic music caught my ears and it’s so smooth to listen really. The six tracks EP is pretty amazing and similar to other alternative/pop rock acts like Panic! At The Disco, Arctic Monkeys, Catfish And The Bottlemen. My favorite track is the chosen single for the EP, “Margot.” Riffs are awesome and spontaneously you’ll simply headbang smoothly especially with the simple solo which served it very well. “Dirty Eyes” is my second favorite really, especially its harmonic soloing style is really nice. The bands said about the album; “a more dynamic showcase for us as a band and how we’ve grown as songwriters.” which I totally agree.


Track List:

1. Fake Love
2. Shiver
3. Margot
4. Dirty Eyes
5. Fever Dream
6. The Haunting

Nocturnal Animals are: 

Mason Jones: Vocals
Dawson Tucker: Guitar and Bass
Derrick Stephen: Drums and Percussion
Dominic Valenti: Guitar


Mena Ezzat

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