Bruno Lewis is a skilful songwriter and music producer originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, and currently living in London. Earlier this month he released his latest single Wild Woman which already over 11 000 youtube streams in just 2 weeks. Let’s find the story below.

Before we get to the song, let’s know more about Lewis background. He studied audio engineering at Abbey Road Studios in London and has now decided to produce his songs for release. He finds himself very fortunate to be working with extremely talented artists like Josh Del. Josh lives in Nashville and he brought a real southern flavour to this latest single “Wild Woman”. “I could not have found a better voice for this song.” – Bruno Lewis commented about Josh singing.

I totally agree with that. The singing style and the music itself are giving me a cheerful push, even though when I knew it’s subject is kind of harsh, but gives hope as well: “Wild Woman’ comes from a very special moment in my life. Shortly after moving to London, I went through a divorce which was a difficult time for me. But, as I have come to realize, life is constantly changing, and the worst thing you can do is resist that change. This song is about embracing change and finding solace in a new relationship” – Bruno Lewis explained. Check it out below, and don’t miss the solo…

 Wild Woman is the debut of many songs that he will be releasing over the next few months.

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