When we hear the term alternative what comes to our minds is the iconic 90s groups, these days the concept of alternative music has changed in a better direction, I believe. The Germans Voay released their latest single ‘White Noize’ from their debut, Cyclogenesis. Let’s dig deeper into their notes…

The band describe their music as “If there still only existed one of the prehistoric crocodile Voay, it would not be as rare as the unique style of music the homonymous progressive metal quintet is establishing. With their debut album, they created a 52-minute epos, where the listener floats through a world where they face self-doubt and clarity, suffocation and enlightenment, wrath and salvation as well as chaos and purity. On the way, they are encountered by dolphins, seagulls, pirates and dwarfs. They have to push themselves through the raging flames of hellfire, while they float on streamlines towards the sky, while they endure the change of the four seasons and while they finally face the eye of the storm. Where music changes stylistically from rock to black metal, from waltz to jazz and from oriental melodies to eastern vibes – imagination has no limit.”Voay explained. Of course, my favourite sentence here, ‘imagination has no limit,’ the band proved how they are able to take yo in a journey of various styles ‘ranging from soft progressive rock and jazzy sounds to aggressive metal and weaves them together in an over 9-minute long epic.’ – the band describe their style.

The ‘White Noize’ instrumental is one of the few tracks who just let you close your eyes and feel the music and swim with their notes on the countless ocean. The 9-minute epic track was started back in 2014 and this year witnessed its release. In my opinion, this track is one of the best progressive tunes that I have heard this year so far. Feel the Noize on all available digital platforms below.