The virtuoso guitarist virtuoso Andrei Kryssov from Forward Shapes formed his international collaboration and named it Flip That Switch. An Unexpected Me and Throw Time were his first writings back in 2018. He started the journey to find the right musicians for his project. Today, our focus track is the band latest single ‘What If It Were Easy’ taken from their latest EP “Rain Seven.” Let’s get deeper below!

‘What If It Were Easy’ is a combination of Queensryche, W.A.S.P., and Dokken. But I’d love to add that the singing style reminds me of the Finnish icons, Stratovarius. The music is very tight indeed, and it’s filled with harmonies and melodies all over the track. It’s pretty catchy since the start with very melodic rhythm when you hear the chorus, deferentially it will be melodic metal the late 80s/early 90s golden era for you. Although, the bridge is pretty interesting includes powerful atmosphere but I was waiting for a solo but still, the song considered a revival for the melodic power metal in 2020.

I found their story very interesting indeed, so getting back to that; He found drummer Tony Parsons (Earthkind) on YouTube covering “Dance On A Volcano” by Genesis. After a few brief email exchanges, Tony jumped into the project. Looking for a vocalist, Andrei came across another incredible YouTube cover. This time it was Queensryche’s “I Don’t Believe In Love”, with vocals by multi-instrumentalist Valentino Francavilla and all other elements by multi-instrumentalist and producer Rocco Pezzin (Plastic Mind Frequencies). Again after a few brief email exchanges, Valentino joined the project as vocalist and Rocco as bass guitarist and engineer.

In 2020 Andrei composed three new songs and reunited with Tony, Valentino, and Rocco to record the tracks. The result is this EP, “Rain Seven”.

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