The Icelandic duo Julius & Julia released today their new single ‘What I Want To’ through online long-distance collaboration.

Do you know what distinguishes music? It got no limits! This is what exactly Julius and Julia did through a powerful musical message: “The duo formed February 2 of 2020 but has still never been in the same room. In fact, they don’t plan on ever meeting, as respecting their unique personalities is as important to them as embracing their union.”

Although they didn’t meet yet they were capable to create such a hit! Every note feels in the right place even if, at first, clashing sounds can tell you otherwise. Originality pours out of every note yet the classic influences come across as evident at moments. There is not a second that will not be enjoyed after listening to this track.

Their story is pretty inspiring really, and I hope this won’t stop any artist or a musician all over the world: “Music requires a certain level of mysterious engagement between personalities. Julius is responsible for musical compositions while Julia provides poetry and vocal melodies. Julia is the public face, and while Julius handles the production. When their talents are merged, they create a mystical sound that is as strange and wonderful as their backstory.

They hope when you experience their music and words that you will enjoy the journey as much as they have. They may meet someday, but until then they are content to stay physical strangers with an infinite connection as they spread their music around the world.”