It’s been a while since I last listened to proper alternative metal. I’m not a big alternative metal fan, but I appreciate some good ol’ alternative when I listen to one.

First, let me introduce to Evernoir; they define themselves as an alternative metal/hard rock band, with an amazing female-fronted with a unique voice. The band formed in Eau Claire, WI back in 2016.

What really was interesting to me -besides the music for sure- is their main band idea: “The music focuses around abuse and suicide awareness. It is the testimony of the band to reach those who are struggling in similar situations, to let them know they do not stand alone in the battle against depression and human violence; and that hope and love will win out with perseverance.” and that simply made me in love with their music.

The singing style with the music illustrates what was written above; the music is really deep and in my point-of-view, the singer did a really great job to deliver the idea of the lyrical theme. Also, I like the guitar meldoy it’s very catchy to the ears. Well, check it now on Spotify, and I believe that you’ll agree with me that Evernoir will be one of the iconic alternative metal acts soon.