The Random Hubiak Band hits us with the classic rock tune “”We Like It”” and actually, we really like it!

The Random Hubiak Band is an Asbury Park NJ outfit. Influenced by 60s and 70s British rock and American singer-songwriters, their songs are something of an anachronism in today’s music scene: Highly literate, narrative-driven, melodic without being reductive, and sometimes complex but without being willfully obscure. And we totally agree with this description.


“We Like it”is set to be released today June 16th, 2020. The song reminds us of iconic acts like Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Beatles, and Cheap Trick. The melodic overdriven guitar lines with powerful singing, and the kind of drum beats that close to your heart/ears! The song lyrics is very catchy and simple:

“We like it because it’s what we’ve been told.

We like it. That’s the way the world gets sold.

We like it: never too young to put a price tag on your soul For a man in a suit or the pied piper’s flute

Idealistic pursuits pale next to bags of loot and gold” 


In general, I have no negative feedback about the song. Well, no more waste of time for you, check their website now and enjoy! 😉

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And find more info on their website here.