Since the 80s and the Brazilian metal scene has been one of the main stages that any metalhead should be aware of. If you’re born after 2000 and you are not familiar with names like Sepultura, MX, Korzus, Sarcófago, among other numerous iconic names then you should start your Brazilian metal immediately. Today, I’ll talk about April 21st latest single We Are the Difference. Let’s find out more about such a promising metal icon…

Last July, I featured their first single ‘Coldest July’ on Rock Era’s playlist The Headbangers Riffs, I was really impressed by their heavy influences indeed, this month they released their second single We Are the Difference. “This song is the third record released by the current line-up. We Are the Difference was also recorded in Sonastério Studio in Brazil and the mastering was completed by Tony Lindgren.” – the band explained.

It’s obvious to find their original sound although the track provides several influences like Slipknot, Trivium, Bullet For My Valentine, and As I Lay Dying among others. My favorite parts of the song are the lead guitar and rhythm guitar lines, their arrangement, riffs, and licks are giving you the thrill that you need for the day. “it talks about people getting together in order to face their issues. It connects people with the same and/or different problems and encourages them to face it together, no matter how difficult the situation. Also, it says that we don´t need to behave and live according to what society expects, we can make our own choices.”April 21st explained what the song is about. Overall, the song is really amazing, I was just wishing for a kick-ass soloing at the end, maybe they are aiming for it through their upcoming releases.