David Christy Jones is a professional session musician based in West Cork, Ireland. Since his young age moved from his born place Wales to Ireland and found himself surrounded by musicians playing many styles. Jones decided to work on his solo career and released his debut single four months ago.

‘Virology’ starts with a powerful funky groove that easily makes you interested to follow the tune and keep listening. I can see the indie rock/funk inspirations within Jones’ music. Also, he was keen on all instrumentation, production, and arrangement process and he chose Hyd to join on back vocals for the track.  The 2020 lockdown was a tiring period of inspiration for several artists, but David Christy Jones was trying to deliver something else:  “It is a bitter and witty response to the people who have helped to further the spread by spreading their own misinformation.” Check out the song below and enjoy the groove, and don’t miss the solo! 😉