If you’re missing the golden ’80s thrash days then don’t miss the latest release ‘Unsure’ by the American metallers Worws.

The remarkable Portland hardcore/metal group released their debut EP back in 2016 “which offered a window into their evolving sound. After tyranny hit the White House, WORWS quickly shifted gears and retaliated by dropping the hefty, anthemic bomb, Truth to Power. Now, amidst the world crumbling around us, they deliver two more crushing blows; their first tracks in over two years. “Unsure” and “Oblivion” tackle tough topics of homelessness and struggling within capitalism, and prove the band is getting heavier and more exciting.”

When I listened to ‘Unsure’ it reminded me of the golden raw metal days of the ’80s in a glimpse. Also, the music pours originality with every note and the singing technique is very powerful and suits such stunning slow-burning riffs, and this is very important here guys, because most of the metal and hardcore bands that I have listened to lately, you’ll find a lack between their music and vocals, which is not found here. Anyhow, it was really a smart move to feature TJ Schneider from HOUND as guest vocals. Listen to it below and let’s start banging!