Let’s start with what you gonna hear from rhythmic lines, lead and vocals are all made by Diaz. Harmonies and melodies are pretty obvious within the song structure and simply makes your head rolling with the notes. In my opinion, his voice is very raw but nice and suits his music perfectly.

Twilight Zone‘ is his reflection to what the world faces right now “ironically the themes of dystopia and isolation are more relevant now than when I wrote them. The riff came pretty naturally from some old blues stuff (Robert Johnson, John Lee hooker, etc…) that I was listening to with some lead (all provided by me on an acoustic guitar).” – Diaz explained. The song bridge is very catchy and will definitely catch your ears “I tried to make the middle section as far out and as possible and contrast the dark and light musically, I hope it comes across that way anyway.” – he continues.

Diaz described ‘Twilight Zone’ as his lead single from the first of a spate of EP releases over the next 12 months.


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