Back again with one of my favourite artists in 2020! The American-based with Polish origins Ania strikes again with a melodic alternative tune, Tuesdays.

In May, I was very pleased to find this young talented singer-songwriter while checking her grunge rock tune, Poison. I believe this time, Ania preferred to mix between the eastern and western elements – which is my favourite merge. ‘Tuesdays’ is like listening to your favourite female-fronted acts like Evanescence and Within Temptation but presented in an alternative rock style. The guitar sounds are pretty stunning and her choice of harmonic scales to give the eastern sounds is charming, especially that it suits the topic the song presents. Ania is trying here to picture being lost and how to find your way through it: “The song is really about being lost and finding yourself. It is About finding your way. When the idea for it came to me, I was just walking around the mountains in LA and was trying to find myself again in nature. We’re all kind of lost right now during the pandemic. We’re all there or we’ve all been there, all struggling with different things. But we’ll make it through. There is always a way out.” – Ania explained.

We knew through the artist that she is working on her debut album, stay tuned for more info soon, meanwhile check out Tuesdays below and feel the fusion vibe.

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