The American Led Zeppelin!

This is what you gonna feel when you listen to Boston based 5 piece group The Freight‘s music for sure! “TRY ME ON (LPGA)” is the band’s latest release bluesy/RNR upbeat single which set to be released on January the 15th.

Adam Tiro (Guitar/Vocals), Greg Tragellis (Keys/Vocals), Stephen Anderson (Bass), Marc Loverin (Drums), and John Marinilli (Percussion) are creating unforgettable rock vibes through their latest track, the track is like a journey from the early 70s to the millennium. Well, it’s like a combination of icons like The Stones, Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Cars, The Police, among many others with powerful vocals and guitar riffing Page like, leading to a GNR’s Slash (golden era) soloing type! It’s one of the few tracks that I have put on repeat mode for more than 20 times! Frankly, I find no single negative point to say here. It’s a stunning rock’n’roll masterpiece to start the year with. Definitely, I will be waiting for their next releases. Feel the vibes below!

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