The Australian multi-instrumental rock artist Jimmy Bartell released today his first single ‘Trailer Park Trash Rash’ off his debut album, Off The Edge of the Map.

Let’s start with that this song is your glam rock revival in 2020! ‘Trailer Park Trash Rash’ is a very powerful upbeat track indeed. The title came from a jam session when Bartell’s friend said during the jam: “No words. no music, but I had a direction to take it. I had known a girl for a short time and it was evident she was the unambitious type and a little trashy. She, however, had her sights set and pursued me relentlessly, driving me almost to take legal action. She really was the unwanted rash on my skin.”

As I mentioned earlier that the glam icons influences are pretty obvious here you will easily feel the vibes of golden names like Extreme and Mötley Crüe, and really it’s an amazing glam rock revival: “The song takes a lot of influence from Extreme’s ‘Get The Funk Out’, so much so that I did my best to mimic Gary Cherone’s vocalizing at the beginning of their song ‘Hole Hearted’ in the beginning of my own. It was a tough one to sing as I’d just come out of surgery and nearly herniated myself after every line. I wanted a badass backing track for this one so I tried to channel Tommy Lee from Mötley Crüe when I played the drums.” – he explains.

There’s no doubt that ‘Trailer Park Trash Rash’ one of my favourite hard rock tunes in 2020!