I have received tens of metal submissions since this year started, and I cannot deny that I enjoyed most of them, but when I got Valcata‘s submission, I wasn’t just happy about their music, but I was lucky to have it! The symphonic/progressive phenomenal act started working on ‘Tower’ back in 2019, and finally delivered this epic masterpiece yesterday!

As a start, let me describe their music for you, it’s like you’re listening to symphonic glorious Swedish/Finnish metal sound blended with iconic American progressive elements. I was feeling like listening to Savatage and Stratovarius among other legendary bands in JUST ONE SONG!

This metal project assembled by Oha Cade, a composer based in New York, but what’s more interesting than the music has been produced entirety online! Literary, he collaborated with several musicians around the globe, which I prefered to give the credit and list them all below:


* Hadi Kiani (Gereh, The Frame, Deaton LeMay Project) — as Hessabi

* Angel Wolf-Black (Goditha, Alexandra Zerner, Vivaldi Metal Project) — as Hypatia

* Joshua Morse (The Doubted) — as Morbus


* João Miguel (Enblood, Tokyo Wanderer)


* Chris Kollias (SL Theory, Serenity Broken, Persona Non Grata)


* Jonas Schütz (Sacrosanct, Sapiency, Eraserhead, Diësis, Condemned to Dream, First Encounter, Oceanrise)


* Nathaniel Wolkstein (Just Nathaniel, Gravity the Architect, Imagine the Moon)

And for the synth elements were done by Oha, besides lyrics and songwriting, and for the additional clean backing vocals by Joshua Morse. Frankly, I cannot find any negative point here, as I said earlier a masterpiece! Music, vocals, arrangement, and production are all impressive piece of art! The track as been mixed and master by Jacob Hansen (Pyramaze, Volbeat, Amaranthe, Delain). I won’t waste more time, feel the thrill below and keep it METAL! m/