The Zagreb-based rock group Chain the Sun releasing their latest single ‘Tomorrow Calls’ today.

Chain the Sun includes 4 talents and they are Nikola Miskovic (lead vocals), Dominik Zoric (guitars), Hrvoje Ryznar (bass and vocals), and Ivan Lujo (drums). “The lyrics is a reflection on the philosophical ideas of rational doubt and free will, as well as the hopes and perils brought by man’s belief in progress.” – the band explained. When you listen to it, you will remember the golden rock 80s, definitely. Really, it reminds me of many icons like Scorpions, specifically. You can find what you dream for such as tight guitar riffs, harmonic soloing, melodic vocals, and powerful bass/drum lines. As quoted above the lyric theme which is a very deep topic indeed. Again, when I said that this song reminds me of the golden old school days, I meant all the elements, when words and music were just phenomenal! Listen to ‘Tomorrow Calls’ below and tell me what do you think…


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