A month ago I gave a shout-out for CJ Teffner‘s Tiny Guitars and my impression about that it will definitely let you feel the spirit of the golden 80s days! Today, I am gonna talk about another unique, stunning, and well-made instrumental Thunderpunch. Let’s dig deeper into those riffs!

When I checked his music earlier, I just got fond of his music. When you check Teffner’s portfolio you have nothing more to say than WOW! Besides his own bands and releases, This RIFF MASTER is a celebrated songwriter, studio musician, producer, and mastering engineer. Accolades include studio sessions with legendary producer Murray Krugman (Blue Oyster Cult) James Ball (Aerosmith, Joan Jett) David Henry (REM) and such notable players as Steve Bowman (Counting Crows) Marko Lira (Trouble), Ricky Porter (Godsmack), as well as Broadway’s noted guitarist and Windam Hill recording artist Sean Harkness and Fusion/Slap bass pioneer Jauqo III-X.

‘Thunderpunch’ is like you’re listening to Sabbath and Pantera at once! Can you believe it?! Well, if someone told me there’s such a thing I won’t get it for sure, but believe me, it EXISTS! Actually, it’s more than that because you’ll be kinda shocked when you listen to Iron Maiden‘s harmonies as well! The song starts with a powerful melodic riff combined with a smoothly harmonic lead line, and when you hit the second minute of it, oh! How did you think of such a percussion line, man? And even add crazy soloing over it! THIS IS JUST MADE MY DAY! After that the song goes melodic and harmonic again, I should mention that the drumline is very powerful indeed. And for sure, I was just melting while I was listening to the ending solo: the transitions, feeling, theme, everything is just great! Well, if you’re looking for one of a kind heavy sound in 2020, then don’t waste more time, and check his music through his social accounts below