Sheffield-based indie multi-multi-instrumental/talented rock fusion group ALSKA released their second studio single ‘Thick of the Night’ which is an explosively-energetic rock-ska fusion song that was raised on the Sheffield nightlife scene.

Last year, the incredible four musicians formed their band when Hannah, Will and Archie met through the University of Sheffield Music Players’ Society. And later Luke joined and since then, the four of them have been writing and playing an eclectic mix of undefined fusion rock and soul.

When you listen to the track you can find the passion, professionality, and knowledge through their arrangement and composition. The four musicians are from different background, you can find the classical influences among other styles like blues, soul, punk, and rock & roll for sure.

Although, their roots and vintage style is pretty obvious still the excitement and thrill you can feel it easily when you listen to the track. “The lyrics describe a dark and grimey night club, the people that hang about there and the things that occur – all things inspired by the band’s personal experiences on the Sheffield club scene.”ALSKA explained. While listening to miss the great saxophone melodic soloing, along with the energetic Latin ROck-feel guitar solo. Impressive guys! Keep it up! I cannot wait to listen to their upcoming single. In fact, I believe that ALSKA is gonna be one of the BIG names very soon!