You seldom find an original progressive rock song that suits your taste. But Konarucchi, along with other talented and dedicated musicians thought to it to the next level through ‘They Follow’.

Konarucchi is a multi-genre solo artist from a small town in New Zealand called Wainuiomata. He likes to experiment with many different styles of music, without focusing on how they will fit together because he believes that cohesion in music comes from the artist rather than the genre. This idea has a clear influence on the music he creates and is strongly apparent in his debut EP ‘Stuck in Daydreams’. What do you think? A powerful description right? Well, he wrote it and we think he did it! ‘They Follow’ song theme: “is about being overrun by your bad thoughts and feelings, which I think is important to talk about.” yes the lyrics is very deep really but also the music.

The song has several progressive, indie and alternative influences and variations as well. The singing technique is amazing reminds me of bands like Muse and Porcupine Tree. But what really caught my ears is the music, it’s really interesting, I am in love with the composition especially when you get deeper in the track, the melody and drum beats proves that he NAILED IT!


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