To read theories that help you understand life, or to read theories to understand the surroundings. Maybe you could write fast-paced theories in a musical shape, or to be influenced by the creation of the cosmos and the big bang theory and create a scattered cosmotic bang yourself, as the one occurred in “Cascading Darkness” to declare the release of the second album “The Ultimate Multiverse” by Chaos Over Cosmos.

The Polish-Australian Project is set to release their second album on the 20th June, after releasing “The Unkown Voyage” on Sep 2019.
“The Ultimate Multiverse” gives the listener the vibe of survival, being released in 2020 relates to its sound and intensity and how fast things could go wrong through multiple chaotic rhythms and tones that are very organized and so well written but as well declares a wave of chaos.

Starting with the multi-rhythm intro of “Cascading Darkness” which is the first track of the album that gives you a brief look about whats to hear on later on the album. The track is remarkable in a way that adequately remarks an epic start, a gunshot at the beginning of a marathon, so to speak.
Jumping off to the keys that were emotionally appealed to the second track “One Hundred”. The track had a unique theme in this genre, which gathered both the Metal theme and the Pop/trap theme together in one track which is considered a pioneering kind of theme in metal by Chaos Over Cosmos.

The album has an astonishing fusion of both, clean and brutal vocals which result in a catchy rhythmic tone and anthem. Also, the fusion of genres in this album has a unique influence, starting with Progressive Metal and switching to Tech Melodic Death Metal, and having Electronic Metal also creates wide and distinctive influences and vibes on the listeners. Also, you can notice that there’s a bit of Shred Metal being played on the record, and it’s absolutely genuine.
To play and listen to the number of instruments being used throughout the tracks by only two musicians in the room, that must be unique and genius.
Chaos Over Cosmos excelled in this record and played a masterpiece to our ears, with both:

Joshua Ratcliff – Vocals, Lyrics & Songwriting
Rafal Bowman – Guitars, Synths, Drum Programming & Songwriting.
Nekkomix Studio – Mix/Mastering
Since the release of the debut album ‘The Unknown Voyage’ in September 2018 and its re-release with 2 new tracks in April 2019, Javier decided to leave Chaos Over Cosmos. Rafal asked Australian vocalist, Joshua Ratcliff to join the band, after hearing Joshua’s vocals on his band Resurgence.

“The Ultimate Multiverse” is the second full-length album of the band, a continuation of the exploration of progressive music and science-fiction themes with a modern and technical approach. The album will be released on 20th June 2020 by Narcoleptica Productions.” The band said.
With now the two musicians are not “Worlds Apart” -third track on the record- as they were before, they will clearly have more releases in the near future, so all we can do is to stay tuned!

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