I have listened to the album several times and I literally enjoyed every element indeed. Vince Grant the songwriter from Los Angeles and the mastermind behind The Sea At Midnight did a great to transfer what’s in his mind into notes and words. Each track over here delivers diversity and EARgasm, but my favorites were ‘Melancholia,’ and ‘Medicine.’ The album was produced by Chris King of Cold Showers with drum programming by Brandon Pierce of Glaare which truly did a great job indeed. 

Do you know what really attracts this album? The general atmosphere that Vince did, especially when you listen to all tracks you will feel as what I said at the beginning of my review, on the beach and looking to the sea waves at midnight. Especially that his singing style is very emotive and expresses such a state of mind perfectly. It’s very important to bad to good, to avoid depression and pain into beauty, and this is what Vince Grant did perfectly by simply taking you from the dark to light and ignore pain and sorrow. Sometimes prolonged speech loses the beauty of art, and so I will let you listen, also, see Vince Grant’s perfect painting below!  

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Mena Ezzat


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