Photography: Steven Williams.

“Original music is always appreciated.” once said the Indian record producer Bappi Lahiri, and this is exactly how I describe Tara’s music. To cut it short, ‘The River‘ by Tara Kelly is a pleasant folk tune to start your year with it.

Do you remember the sound of the Canadian icon Loreena McKennitt? For almost 30 years, this legendary artist was capable to merge different elements of Celtic music, new-age, and even middle eastern style to create a unique sound that no one can compete. So when you listen to Tara’s music and start analysing it, you will be on a journey of perfection! Yes, vocals, harmony, instrumentation, and talented engineering techniques to build a unique sound that you cannot find anywhere else. ‘The River’ is about her lover’s infidelity, and through her strong voice, and cinematic atmosphere with a ‘river’ of harmonies and melodies she presented a dark and stormy dive into a cascade of deception. It’s rare when I rate a track 10 out 10 especially when it has some pop influences, still, I will give it the 10 of course. Pre-save ‘The River’ now through here.

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